Writing challenge #2

With one look in his eyes, she told herself “This is going to hurt when it’s over.”

All through their three years dating, she just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Her friends told her she was being ridiculous, but it was always there, in the back of her mind.

Even on the day he proposed to her, in exactly the way she had always dreamed, she had to stop herself from asking him if he was serious. Physically, clap a hand over her mouth feigning surprise, stop herself.

On her wedding day, when she went to walk down the aisle of the lovely park they had chosen, she was surprised to see him standing at the front, beaming  at her, looking so happy.

Don’t mistake this for her not loving him. She did, with her whole heart. His touch simultaneously excited and soothed her. His smile warmed her soul. But she knew, deep down, that he would leave her.

Still, she didn’t expect that phone call, one early spring Tuesday. “I’m so sorry to have to inform you…there was an accident….” The phone slipped out of her grasp and she realized it had happened.


Sorry for the brevity today, am really tired, but wanted to make sure I got something productive done today.

Feedback welcome!


Writing Challenge #1!

I had a bad day yesterday with my pain, so spent most of the afternoon napping and resting. Today, I’m much improved!

I spent the remainder of the day I announced the challenge searching for fiction prompts on various websites. Honestly, I found Pinterest to have some of the best – some other websites were just too out there for me.

This is a free write – I’m doing it right here, right now. The only editing will be spelling (I hate typos!). So, forgive any logic errors or poor flow. These are just for fun, just for the brain exercise!


Challenge #1 – Amnesia

I scanned the living room. pale blue couch, overstuffed ivory armchair (we had a cat, Greg told me, so how did these stay so pristine?) and the pale hardwood flooring. I still couldn’t see any of my personality on the room at all, but then, what did I know about my personality? My pictures were on the mantle, Greg beside me, other people I had been told were friends and family members. I could logically say that I hadn’t been kidnapped, not with this evidence in front of me.

Greg set my overnight bag down on the floor. (Was it mine? I thought it was nice enough, but didn’t know if it was a style I would have picked over something else.) He gestured for me to continue walking, so I did, past the anaemic looking living room, down the hall and into the kitchen. In here, I did feel a stirring of interest, although I couldn’t quite place why. Just as in the living room, everything as startlingly clean, almost as if  it was a showhome, furniture and knicknacks purely for display.

I ran my hand over the granite countertop, and looked over the room, just as before. A painting caught my eye, it’s bright blue and white standing out amid the stark neutral tones. Greece, I realized, seeing the round-roofed white buildings and blue doors, although I couldn’t remember if I had been there or just liked the picture.

“You did that, years ago.” Greg said, speaking for the first time since we entered the house.

I turned to him. “Me? Really?” I turned back to look at it more critically, realizing as I did that I didn’t exactly know what criticism I could have, with no other frame of reference to go by.

“Yes, you worked out there for a year after university.”

“What did I do?” I asked, turning away. I did like knowing of things I had done. The painting seemed to back up Greg’s claims; it made me happy to see it, and if there weren’t memories attached, no sense of the heat beating down on me, or the gulls calling over the water, I still had this feeling of joy.

Greg shrugged, and I felt my heart drop a little. “You worked for some rich family, cooking. It was a gap year thing. We met a few years after you got back.”

I turned back to the painting, disappointed. This was the first thing I had seen since I woke up that I felt some kind of connection to, and even my husband wasn’t able to give me more than a few scant details.

“I’ll take your bag upstairs, Lisa. I need to make some calls to the office, make sure that things are going ok.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll do that.” I yawned, not entirely dramatically. “I need to have a rest.”

“Sounds good.” He had pulled out his phone already, so I went back down the hall, picked up my bag in my good arm and slowly climbed the steps. I got to the top and looked around the landing. Three doors. I had no idea which would be the bedroom, so opened the one to my right.

Bathroom. I gave it a cursory glance, again not noticing anything personal about it, nothing that called out “I belong to Lisa!” Even my name just felt like a name, not mine in any way.

The second door, straight on from the stairs must be a guest room and study, with a bed and computer, paper scattered across the narrow desk. The last room proved to be mine and Greg’s, with a robe lying across the pristine bed. There was another painting of Greece, perhaps one of mine as well, but that was the only personality in the room.

I set the bag on the bed and pulled out the clothes. Greg had brought me entirely too much to wear for my limited stay, so I sifted through for those I had worn and glanced around for a hamper to put them into.


Any and all feedback is appreciated, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another! Send any ideas and suggestions for new prompts my way, and I’ll see what I can do!

Post-op writing challenge!

So, I had surgery last week. Now that I’m weaning myself off of the painkillers and getting some of my brain power back, I’ve decided that I’m going to use all of this free time to get some writing done. But, I’ve been procrastinating on that for a while, so I need to jog my brain back into writing mode. Best thing I could think to do? A daily writing challenge, posted here, to keep me honest. (You’ll help, right?)

I’m going to find and use writing prompts and just spend 30 minutes writing what comes to mind. If you’ve got any good prompts, pass them along!

Challenge starts tomorrow, so I’ve gotta find a good idea to run with!